ABOUT Gabrielle Shea

Gabrielle Shea began apprenticing under fellow New London Ink artist, Elisha Schauer, in October 2022. Art has always been at the center of Gabby’s life. She’s spent years creating and showing her work as both an independent and commissioned artist, and for a time, organized and ran a gallery space for other NL creatives… all the while, expanding her own collection of tattoos. Eventually, learning how to tattoo others felt like the natural progression of her passions. As she continues onward in her apprenticeship, Gabrielle is excited to learn about all styles of tattooing and will eventually settle into whatever feels like the “right fit”.

Outside of tattooing, Gabby enjoys creating using ink, watercolor and acrylics, as well as knitting and sewing. Her subject matter leans toward the weird and whimsical. And, outside of creative endeavors… she enjoys gaming, comic books, gardening, and laughing.

Find her work on Instagram (@murdocbinx) and at www.gabrielleshea.com